Thousands of vulnerable children put at risk

Thousands of vulnerable children could be put at risk if a dangerous new law gets the go-ahead today. It would allow councils to opt out of their legal duty to protect children and instead ‘experiment’ with services that protect vulnerable kids.

The Government has introduced clauses in the Children and Social Work Bill, which would allow local authorities to be exempt from children’s social care legislation.

Barnardo’s are working together with the NSPCC, The Children’s Society and Action for Children on this issue. Their shared view is that they support innovative practices that benefit vulnerable children and young people, but as currently drafted the clauses present clear risks to children’s safety. Without checks and balances to assure that innovation will not come at the price of children’s safeguarding and well being, we cannot support the clauses as proposed. 

Furthermore, the Government has not provided satisfactory evidence that the Law is an impediment to restricting local authorities from improving children’s outcomes through innovation, and that an exemption from children’s social care legislation would create more innovation.

Sign the petition “Protect the rights of vulnerable children and care leavers” now.

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WhoDunnIT? – 2016 Awards

A truly action packed weekend and a fantastic amount of effort was put in by all over the three very long days. As always, it was a very challenging rally leaving everyone physically fatigued and mentally exhausted, most survived to tell their story! We gave extra recognition awards this year to reflect the dedication shown.

With the final scores being calculated during the return ferry crossing, we presented the following awards on behalf of our sponsors to the winning teams and individuals who really did gave it everything they had over the entire event! Very well done to everyone!!

Like last year, the Winners’ slot was highly contested with only few points separating the three runners up but, with a clear margin, congratulations go to Roger Rabbit and the Pink LANthers who took first place. A confident route plot and excellent attention to detail during the drive!

5/6 – The Pink LANthers & Roger Rabbit
3 – Hawaii FIFO
Third Place
11 – 221B
Money Raised
2 – Incognito Investigating Snooping Pros
Dressed Car
7 – Kernel Mustard & Minkey Wrench
Dressed Team
S2/S4 – Won’t Startsky and Clutch
Dressed Individual
Geoff Jones (7)
Dress !
Geoff Jones (7)
John Denneny (S1)
Rally Performance
Duncan Kaye (12)
Greatest Rally Endurance
Georgie Pendrey (4)
Most Spirited
Lilly Warne (4)
Best Effort
Carina Hotson (12)
Wooden Spoon Blunder
Mark Rowe (S1)
Craig Goodwin (5)
S3/S5 –

There were so many excellently decorated vehicles and fantastic costumes, with some of the gentlemen wearing their dresses a little too comfortably!! Well done to all those teams that expended a great amount of effort to dress their vehicles and teams, we certainly made an impact!

Other lasting impressions and memorable moments include Georgie bearing all and swimming in the sea twice, Mark leaving the bar for the 15 minute walk back to his hotel where he arrived three hours later, Duncan showing true grit to complete the extreme high wire obstacle course, and the fact that our ferry had to return to port in France an hour after we sailed on our homeward journey! also need a special mention; as first time ralliers they put in an amazing performance overall. They mastered the cryptic route clues, followed the route well completing the majority of challenges, and all in costume too.

Thanks to everyone that took part, our sponsors and those that have donated – we are fast approaching £50,000 raised, and with your help we hope to surpass the £50k marker again this year!!

Keep up the good work and let’s make this a record year.

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