Please Help the Skyscape Team Raise Funds for Barnardo’s

In three weeks’ time, a team from Skyscape (tastefully dressed as the Scooby Doo cast) will be participating in the White Hat Rally to Amsterdam, raising valuable and much needed funds for Barnardo’s. 

We’d be extremely grateful if you were able to support us in some way – either through a donation (link below), or we still have a few days left to arrange sponsorship for your logo to be displayed on the vehicle. 

The team are funding all costs of participating in the event from their own pockets, so every penny kindly donated will benefit those vulnerable children who need our help the most. 


If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

Many thanks, in anticipation of your generous support!

P.S. – to our fellow teams, hope your fundraising efforts are going well and we look forward to meeting you all very soon. And look out for the “Buffy’s In The Boot” Team. They mean business. Not least because Scooby Doo’s Daphne shares something in common with Buffy. Kidnap insurance is being considered. 


Team G in blaze of glory at White Hat Ball

Last night Team G attended the White Hat Ball to help raise more money
for ChildLine.

It was a great night that got off to a fiery start as we accidentally
set fire to the menu on the table. Demonstrating his fire fighting
skills our medic took full control of the situation with the aid of an
ice bucket and a bottle of sparkling water as an improvised fire

It was a tricky blaze and he didn’t escape without injury, and
apparently the minor loss of blood is the major contributory factor to
his headache this morning! Clearly nothing to do with the large quantity
of red wine used to anesthetise the pain at the time!!

After dinner and some risky bids in the auction we moved to the games
room and bar. Some of the team even ventured near the dance floor and
live band, to get another round in. But the real excitement was the
non-contact sports activities…

The table football and air hockey got just a little competitive, with us
receiving a yellow card from the bouncer after nearly taking out a guy
with the puck who at the time was on the far side of the room observing
the blackjack! He didn’t seem bothered though, and just threw the puck

Some of our team members were left with sporting injuries following the
fierce but friendly hockey match, but I’m sure the bruising won’t last
more than a few days!

Overall a top night out, and a lot of interest in the rally, so
hopefully some drunken promises being honoured this coming week as new
teams register for the 2011 rally in July!

Bit of a slow start this morning, but we did manage to make the train
home with a couple of minutes to spare, clutching the essentials…
Bacon sandwiches and coffee!

Here’s to a nice quiet weekend 🙂 and thanks to Katie@NSPCC for a great
event and top tables.