Vehicle tracks now available

If you visit the map page you will now find a couple of static screenshots and a link to individual maps for each car showing their progress through the rally.

You can see Team G and the Midget reached the top of the other pass before having to turn back, and HoneyRider can be seen on the G-pass stuck towards the top for quite some time.


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saved by pirates

En route back tn uk we only made 50 miles when our windscreen wiper mechanism fell apart and the breakdown truck beckoned. Lucky for us the pirates of pentest were nearby and got us back on the road – thanks guys from live and let drive

Team G – Overall Winners of White Hat Rally

A well deserved win for Grubozaboyschikov yesterday in the White Hat Rally.

Raising over £5,000 for charity, providing the vehicle tracking map, securing massive coverage of the event, and for driving a true “old banger” that needed constant attention to keep it on the road!

The ‘boz did good!!

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Team G YP in Como on return trip

Good old Yellow Peril has managed to get Mr & Mrs B to Como

All well so far fingers crossed everyone that she manages to make it all the way back to Yorkshire

Were she will receive lots of tlc


Jonathan Bedford
Principle Information Assurance Consultant – CLAS
Knock Knock Who’s There? Limited
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Team G been nursed home

After the yellow peril’s victory in the 2010 white hat rally she is been nursed home by mr & mrs B The rally had taken it toll and max recommended speed is 55mph
I (Jonathan leader of the team) would like to say a very big thank you to our team mechanic Sean of DVV Solutions and thanks for the additional help from the rally support truck team from pentest