Knight Riders – White Hat Rally 2017

This year our fun packed motoring adventure “Knight Riders – Knights of the Roundabout” goes to Dorset and takes on a chivalric theme to raise funds to support Barnardo’s in their work with vulnerable children. White Hat Rally helps to protect vulnerable children in the UK by supporting carefully selected charities. Our concern is particularly focused around the threat presented by the Internet and other modern technologies that have placed children at an increased risk of abuse. While the Internet and mobile communications have brought many benefits to modern society, they also present many new threats. Information Security specialists make a huge difference to businesses, helping to reduce risk, but while businesses are well protected, children aren’t. We are committed to supporting charities that give vulnerable children somewhere to turn for help, actively reduce risk, support the victims of abuse, stop cruelty to children and restore their confidence in society.

My team will be paying its own way in fuel, accommodation and beer so every single penny you donate will go directly to Barnardo’s. Please give generously at